1.     Role: Program Co-developer and Co-ordinator Duration: Six-weeks; Spring 2014 Class Size: 15  Course: The Shadowing Program  Description: The program is primarily aimed at linking both sides of the campus; the research labs (with PIs, Instructors, Postdoctoral fellows and graduate students) and the undergraduate side of campus. As a researcher in the Comprehensive Diabetes Center, and as I teach on the undergraduate side of campus, I sensed there was a need for connecting labs interested in taking in undergraduates keen on research with undergraduates looking to gain hands-on experience in research lab. This was felt across the board and with some great faculty, postdoctoral fellows and keen undergraduates, I am involved in setting up this program as a pilot this year.

2.   Role: Biology Course Instructor – New Course Design Duration: Six-weeks; Summer 2013 Class Size: 10  Course: Summer Health Enrichment Program (SHEP), School of Medicine Description: The program, part of the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, is aimed at helping incoming medical, dental and optometry undergraduates prepare for MCAT, DAT and OAT examinations, respectively, as part of a summer pre-matriculation course. The program has not a Biology course previously and I had the opportunity to design a new course. It also provided me with a great exposure to an ethnically and culturally diverse student group ascertaining my skill of acknowledging and dealing with such aspects in class. I was able to help students in developing a more positive perception, and a more confident version, of themselves which in turn reflected positively on their critical thinking, approach to learning and final grades at the end of course.


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