Guest Lectures



1.  School of Medicine (SOM) PRIME (Pre-Matriculation In Medical Education) 2013. Brief Description: PRIME is a six week summer program for incoming first year medical, dental and optometry students designed to enhance transition into the health professions schools and to provide a “head start” emphasizing on fundamentals, gaining insight into problem-based and team learning, critical thinking, study skills and test-taking strategies by providing academic and social support. Lecture: biochemistry; titled “Gluconeogenesis; Pentose Phosphate Pathway”

2.    Division of Preventive Medicine, Summer Enrichment Program (SEP), Minority Health and Health Disparities Research Center (MHRC) 2013. Brief Description: in partnership with Alabama’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s), SEP offers this program to increase the number of competent, well trained minority researchers and health care professionals working on health disparities in the Deep South. Lecture: lab Safety; titled “Chemical and Radioactive Materials; What, Why, When and How?”

3.   Office of Postdoctoral Education (OPE) partnering with the Office of Undergraduate Research, Fall Undergraduate Research Skills Workshops (x2) 2013. Brief Description: will focus on the basics of bench research and the skills needed for undergraduates to work in a campus research labs. Four one hour workshops which will focus on lab basics, safety, research ethics, techniques, and Summer Research Programs. Lecture: lab Safety; titled “Chemical and Radioactive Materials; What, Why, When and How?”

Outside UAB

4.   Oakwood University, School of Biology and Chemistry, Undergraduate Spring Science Seminar Series, Huntsville. Brief Description 2013: in collaboration with Huntsville University, Alabama, and as part of an interdisciplinary approach to a series of seminars, students were taught Chemistry, Biology and Disease Processes. The lecture discussed disease processes and advancement in drug design to encourage understanding of what is research and the multitude of perspectives implicated in one disease state. Lecture: disease States and Pharmacological Therapy; titled: “Diabetes; Our Relationship is Complicated!”

5.  Stillman College, Department of Biology, Undergraduate Science Seminar Series, Tuscaloosa 2013. Brief Description: in collaboration with Stillman College, and as part of an interdisciplinary approach to a series of seminars, students were taught about how inter- and multi-disciplinary science is and how versatile are the various potential career avenues that can be pursued. Lecture: research and career choices; titled “A Scientist’s Journey; Study Work and Research Adventures!”

6.    University of Brighton,  School of Pharmacy and Bimolecular Sciences (PABS), Brighton, UK. Brief Description 2010: final year pharmacy students in the UK use this year to gain a Master’s degree which includes a 6 months research project and a series of special topics. The diabetes based lecture explored pharmacological therapies, how they exert their effect and how this is linked, at a molecular level, to cell signaling and the molecular mechanisms that are central to the practical aspects of deciding on therapeutic doses. Lecture: pharmaceutical/pharmacological/molecular; titled “Type 2 Diabetes; Drug Therapy and Research”


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